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Welcome to Manfred Lifesciences

Manfred Lifesciences aims to help as many people as possible, with special focus on the Broadly Gynaecology, diabetic, pain management, neuro, antibiotics, hypertension, gastro-intestinal therapy area. Providing innovative and effective formulations that are easily accessible to all patients is our goal.

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Manfred Products

Our main aim is to become synonymous with quality and trust medicines.

We deliver a wide range of excellent quality and highly advanced pharmaceutical products covering.

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We evaluate and understand your needs carefully and provide value ensuring competitiveness with proper regulatory support


Outsourcing Finished Formulation manufacturing at the lowest possible batch size with state-of-the-art packing with quality aware.


All the operations are carried out by industry experts with experience from Sourcing, Procurement, Handling, Storage, Delivery and Post-Sales Customer support